The Wright Stuff

The Wright Stuff

Aside from Mrs Wright, the big love of Matthew’s life has been presenting The Wright Stuff for the last 18 years on Channel Five.

If you’ve not seen the show before you’re missing out on hearing what the Great British public feels on a myriad of issues from the big political stories of the day to more family-orientated debates, all of it conducted in an atmosphere which is frankly unique on TV these days.

Matthew and his small but talented team try to make issues as black and white as possible thus polarising opinion which can make for uplifting and passionate calls from viewers. Matthew says his favourite shows are the ones where viewers phone in a point of view that no one on the celebrity panel, including himself, had considered before.

The show, launched in September 2000 gave Matthew an opportunity to combine his journalistic skills with a naturally extrovert personality. Everyone from Tony Blair to George Galloway, Ben Elton to Brian May have appeared over the years generating scores of stories for the press along the way.

While other channels dumb down their daytime output, often mocking the very poorest or most unfortunate in society along the way, The Wright Stuff aims to raise the bar and poses seriously challenging moral and ethical dilemmas to viewers every weekday morning from 9.15am.

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